American Mechanical Bank “Melody-Bank” Circa 1946


American, 1946 c.

4 9/16"
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“Melody-Bank” is a rare bank and was manufactured by “Electric Coding Machine Co., N.Y.C.” in 1946. American made, this is a genuine and authentic vintage mechanical bank, albeit somewhat later, having been manufactured in 1946. It maintains all of the elements of a collectible antique mechanical bank; pleasing shelf appeal and wonderful musical action. The metal faux textured, green painted casing on five sides is fronted by cardboard on wood, filled with delightful images of “children at play with money” lithography.

To operate: wind up the mechanism by turning the brass dial in front clockwise; then put a nickel, dime, or quarter in the appropriate slot at the top. Music will play as additional lithography depicting children’s nursery rhymes rotate on the interior circular dial (“Little Boy Blue”, “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, etc.).

Coins are removed by unscrewing the metal plate at the rear bottom.

Bank is in excellent all original condition with fully operable musical mechanism.

Dimensions: 7″ high x 4 9/16″ wide x 3″ deep.

Note: Short one minute video showing operation of the bank is available as an
attachment via email upon request.