“Peg-Leg Beggar” Mechanical Bank. American. Circa 1880


American, Circa 1880 c.

5 1/8"
2 1/8"
3 9/16"
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“Peg-leg Beggar” 19th century cast iron mechanical bank was probably inspired by the many disabled Civil War veterans begging for their subsistence. The bank was manufactured by the H.L. Judd Manufacturing Co. in Wallington, Connecticut, Circa 1880. This particular example is in all original and very good condition, predominantly japanned, and hand painted with remnants of white paint to the hands and lapels. The japanning is over 95% complete and intact. To operate; place a coin in the hat on top of the lap of the man; he subtly will nod approvingly. To remove the coins undo the screw on the side of the bank and separate the two halves.

Dimensions: 3 9/16″ deep x 2 1/8″ wide x 5 1/8″ high

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