Vintage Cast Iron Doorstop “Carpenter” American, Circa 1910


American, Circa 1910 c.

5 3/4"
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From the Alice in Wonderland series, this full figured American cast iron doorstop features the “Carpenter” and he is sitting down with hands on knees, a ruler in his back pocket, often referred to as “taking a break”. Unknown manufacture albeit the number “665” is stamped at the lower part of the hollowed out interior (see image. The doorstop is completely original in excellent all original paint, with no repairs, no restoration, and no touch up paint. It is nicely painted in brown, orange, and black, with flesh tones to the face and hands. Dimensions are 5 3/4″ high x 4″ deep x 3″ wide. It has quite a bit of weight to it considering it’s size. Excellent age crazing and patina throughout. The doorstop is circa 1910, judging by the finish and the popularity of Alice in Wonderland in America.
The doorstop is referenced on page 200 in “The Doorstop Book” by John and Nancy Smith written 2006.