“Young Bach” Porcelain Sculpture by Lladro, Spain Depicts Bach at The Pipe Organ

Entitled “Young Bach”, or the Spanish presentation “Juan Sebastian Bach”; this was a limited edition hand painted porcelain made in 1994 and retired the same year; manufactured by Lladro in Spain. This is number 1852 of only 2500 that were manufactured; signed on the bottom by the sculptor, Joan Coderch, signed (see image).

Guaranteed to be authentic and original, this piece has the appropriate markings on the underneath and is packed in the original box (see images). It is rarely found in this just about mint condition with no mars, chips, or scratches, and definitely no restoration of any kind.
The pipe organ is tan/plumb, Bach is wearing a powder blue colored coat tails with white a light plumb shirt; tan and white leggings and shoes. A matching custom made wood stand accompanies the piece.
Of note are the vulnerable delicate fingers completely intact, as if playing the pipe organ. Often they are chipped or lacking. These are all there.
A statement of authenticity by Lladro accompanies the piece.
Labeled Lladro #1801

Dimensions:7 9/16″ deep x 7 1/2″ wide x 11 1/8″ high

Spain Circa 1994 c.H: 11 1/8""W: 7 1/2""D: 7 9/16""