Vintage Toy Wooden Spelling Board, American Circa 1890

Manufactured by “The Instructive Toy Company” of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1890 and “Patented February 16th, 1886” by Alonzo Smith (see image) this alphabet wooden spelling board was used as a learning device for young children, by utilizing the “scrabble like” wooden letters and rotating them around the track to put in order and create words by placing them on the center horizontal track (see accompanying operational video with the listing). It is complete with all of it’s 56 letters, and in all original condition with no replacements, repairs, restoration or touch-up; except for two letters missing a pie shape piece; one of the “J’s” and one of the “Y’s”. The top is an orange color with darker orange floral filigree design work; the letters are painted black on a darker orange background. Obviously of American manufacture (patented) this wooden toy spelling tool is quite collectible and very difficult to find in this complete and very nice all original condition. What makes it particularly appealing is that it still has utility today.
Dimensions: 13 1/2″ long x 9 1/2″ wide x 1 1/4″ high

American Circa 1890 c.H: 1 1/4""W: 13 1/2""D: 9 1/2""