Vintage Pre-War Wind-Up Toy “Boy on Motorcycle Delivery Truck” By Marx

This brightly lithographed tin wind-up toy in colors of red, yellow, and blue, with a driver dressed in appropriate motorcycle clothing, depicts a young man driving a delivery cart with “Speed Boy Delivery” printed on each side of the wagon. The manufacturers logo is clearly marked on both sides of the stake wagon and on the right shoulder of the driver “MAR” with a circle around it and “Made in The United States of America, New York, N.Y.” around the circumference (see images). The license plate number is “268”, which, along with the red painted inside of the drivers arms (as it should be!) indicates this earlier version and authenticity..
Nearly 100 years old, it still operates fine and, upon winding the attached wind-up key a few times and placing the toy on the ground, the motorcycle and driver move across the floor on the way to their deliveries; do not over wind. (see video available upon request).
The toy is completely original and in very good condition, with no repairs or restorations of any kind and no touch up or repaint. The arms and steering handle bars are also original (sometimes replaced) and they have the appropriate paint and markings.
This would make a welcome addition to a collection of pre-war Americana.
Dimensions: 9 7/8″ long x 5 7/8″ wide x 5 3/4″ high

After 40 plus years of dealing and collecting toys, I am justly qualified to guarantee and present the authenticity of antique and vintage toys.


American Circa 1938 c.H: 5 3/4"W: 5 7/8""D: 9 7/8"