Vintage Miniature German Variable Camera Tripod 1920’s; with Ansel Adams Book


Germany, Circa 1920's c.

12 1/2"
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From a photography collection are two items included in this listing, for the collector of photographic memorabelia. In it’s original tapered brown leather carry case is a miniature tripod, which extends to over 50″ through a system of seven graduating slide out brass telescoping extenders; each section held in place by a push button see images). Adjustments can be made for any height from 10″ to 50″. It is perfect for “out in the field” as there are pointed “spikes” on the base at the end of each of the tripod legs to create stability in the ground; in addition, a leather band on the case would have been convenient for sliding one’s belt through for carrying during travel.

Closed down, the tripod itself is only 12″. Very well made, the markings indicate it is of German manufacture, namely “Zeiss Ikon”, Nuremberg, Germany. Note the markings on both the case and the tripod (see images). The Zeiss Ikon Company was formed in 1926 by Carl Zeiss who funded a merger of several companies. Carl Weiss was a dominant and prolific lens maker and a major player in the photographic industry.

The book included in this listing is a first edition hardbound copy of “Ansel Adams” by Barry Pritzker, published in 1991. Ansel Adams is undoubtedly (along with Edward Curtis), the most famous 20th century photographer. The book is very well done, and in addition to an introductory biographical presentation, quite a number of famous Ansel Adams images such as “The Grand Canyon, Native American Indians, and photos of Georgia O’Keefe are included (see images).

The tripod and case are in very good condition and the tripod extenders are a little tight when pulling in and out, but that was the intent, in order to keep the tripod stable for incremental adjustments. It works just fine. The book is in excellent condition; the cover leaf is also excellent with no tears and only very slight bending to the top part of the cover; a little bit of staining to the inside (non showing) part of the cover leaf.
This is a unique, rare, and wonderful item either for the casual photography enthusiast or for those looking to add to their collection of photography items.

Dimensions: brown leather case: 12 1/2″ long x 2″ diameter
book: 14 1/2″ high x 10 1/2” wide