Vintage “Googly Eyed” Goldfish Japanese Windup Toy, circa 1950s


Japan, Circa 1950's c.

3 1/4"
6 1/4"
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his rare Japanese tin toy from the 1950s marked “KO” in a parallelogram was manufactured by the Yoshiya Company, a major post war maker of tin toys in Kobe, Japan; also known as Kobe Yoko Ltd.. K.O designation is for the founder Mr. K. Ohkubo.

“Googly Eyed” goldfish is all original and in wonderful condition in bright colors of various shades of gold, red, pink and white. It works well and is powered differently than most Japanese windup toys. It is crank powered, wind the crank on the underneath (see image), release and place on the floor. The fish will go right, left, backwards, and forward, while rolling his eyes up and down. I have not seen this toy before so I presume it to be quite rare.
The toy is completely all original with it’s authentic eye covers and eyes, crank, and wheels, and the finish has not been altered or touched up in any way.
Dimensions: 6 1/4″ long x 4″ wide x 3 1/4″ high.

A wonderful toy and fine example of Japanese toy manufacturing ingenuity, especially with the crank mechanism. Condition and rarity account for it’s value.
This toy is from my own collection of 40 years.
(Short video of action available upon request).