Victorian Silver Plate Match Holder. American, Circa 1898

This Victorian match holder is highly decorated with etched floral design to both sides and wrapped completely around of the holder. An even more elaborate detailed etched floral pattern is applied to the waste receptacle circular dish below. The holder is attached to the dish and supported by a curvalinear vase.
“Paisley” is etched in cursive underneath and below that is stamped “Wilcox S. P. Co.” and “International S. Co.” and “158” below (See image). The International Silver Company bought up many of the silver companies and/or their patterns in 1898. They were located in Meriden, Connecticut. The holder is in excellent all original condition with no repairs and the silverplate is almost 100% coverage, solid and intact.
This is a very nice quality item, unique in design with an identifying hallmark making it a desirable piece of Americana.
Dimensions: dish is 4″ diameter; overall 3 3/8″ high. The holder itself is 3 1/8″ long x 5/8″ wide x 2 1/4″ high.

American Circa 1898 c.H: 3 3/8"W: 4"D: 4"