Victorian Porcelain Spittoon. Circa 1880 by Imari, Japan

The mark on the underneath (see image) indicates that this spittoon is of Japanese Imari porcelain, manufactured circa 1880, and made specifically for the American market for the preponderance of bars and saloons at that time.
These were popular from 1865 to the turn of the century; this is a particularly fancy and elaborate example. Note the copious and highly detailed and beautiful floral decoration to the inside of the upper portion of the spittoon; pretty fancy for something meant for spit and saliva!

Fantastic and all original condition with no cracks, no chips and very bright paint in sharp colors of blue rust and pink, and meticulously painted in a floral pattern. Several of these would have been “stationed” in strategic places within a saloon. This is a wonderful piece of porcelain, and quality item of saloon and Western United States history.
From the George Cross collection of important and fine quality Western and saloon items 2007, to my personal collection.

Dimensions: 7 1/4″ high x 8 1/4″ wide x 6 1/2″ diameter (base) x 7 3/8″ diameter (top lip)

Japan Circa 1880 c.H: 7 1/4"W: 6 1/2"D: 7 3/8"