Victorian Celluloid Collar Box, Circa 1900


American, Circa 1900 c.

6 3/4""
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A very unusual and unique item, this Victorian Celluloid Collar Box is seldom found or even identified as such. The beige colored collar box is highly lithographed in great detail with lifelike colors and a cream colored background. The facing subject matter consists of four very pretty young girls with long hair and big eyes; while the top of the lid portrays a young man courting a lady with a cupid by her side. They are dressed in colorful Victorian clothes; a gold floral pattern all around completes the decoration (see images). The molded top has a geometric floral pattern, while the back is a geometric vertical reeded pattern (see images). Brass hinges in back and a brass escutcheon clasp in front, allow for opening and closing the box.
A red felt liner and a round concentric divider provide for the storage of collars (see image). The box is in excellent and all original condition. Probably of American manufacture, circa 1900.

Dimensions: 7″ wide x 6″ high x 6 3/4″ deep