Two Perfume Bottles in Fitted Casket On Decorated Tray by E. & J. Bass. Ca. 1900

Pair of matching crystal perfume bottles resting in a fitted “jeweled” gold gilt casket; resting on a highly decorated mirrored tray. The maker is E. & J. Bass (marked “E. & J. B.”); a manufacturer of luxury high quality items located in New York City from from 1890 to 1930. They went out of business when the Depression kicked in. They were known for their jeweled embellished ornamentation, such as this example; with this nicely appointed perfume vanity set.
The gilt plated casket is raised on four bun feet and is decorated with six green “sparkling” rhinestones (three on each side); and the same rhinestone border at the top edge with raised floral swags front and back (see images). The underneath is clearly marked “Empire Art Gold” “E. & J. B.” with the crown logo in the center (see image). The crystal perfume bottles are all original and not damaged in any way. They are decorated with a gold simulated band at the top. The cut glass dauber in each bottle is original and not chipped. Have a look at the image on black background—they are very attractive.
The matching tray complements the perfume bottles and casket perfectly. It is also decorated around the entire surface in the same green rhinestone and raised floral wreath decor all around. The mirrored surface is further decorated in a gold leaf looking vein like pattern (see images). The tray is raised and rests on four original attached bun feet The underneath (at the handle edge) is clearly marked with the same logo and marking as the casket (see image).

Condition of everything is completely original with no restoration.
Both the tray by itself and casket with bottles could be stand alone items; they are that attractive. But to have them both is very special. A wonderful example of American Art Nouveau

Dimensions: tray 13 1/4″ long x 7 1/8′ wide x 1 1/4″ high
casket with bottles 3 3/4″ wide x 2 1/8″ wide x 5 1/4″ high
total overall height is 5 3/4″ high

American Circa 1900 c.H: 5 3/4"W: 7 1/8"D: 13 1/4"