Trunk Designed Perfume Bottle Travel Carrier. American, Circa 1910


American, Circa 1910 c.

2 3/4"
3 3/4"
2 3/4"
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A pair of diminutive perfume bottles are contained in this “trunk designed” carrying case for travel. Something unique in the way of style and utility for the antique perfume bottle collector.

The trunk is made of white painted wood with two embossed gilded bands, simulating straps around the top. The spring loaded clasp in front, upon opening, reveals two small perfume bottles contained in specified blue felt lined compartments. They are both original to the piece. The silver plated screw tops (original) would have been removed to utilize and fill the bottle. One of the bottles still has its original dauber while the other one is lacking. The original paper labels are still affixed to the front of the scent bottles. One is colorfully designed with an image of a robin in realistic colors and the word “White Rose” written at the bottom. At the top is written “Loxia Pyrihula”. Loxia is a bird genesis, while Pyrihula is an Asian bird.

The other bottle has what appears to be an image of maybe a hummingbird, with the word “Violet” written in script at the bottom. At the top are the words “Tanagra Brasiliana”, possibly Italian for such a bird.
The overall condition of the piece is good and it is original without repairs or replacements; lacking small dauber in one bottle. A wonderful, different item, for the perfume and scent bottle aficionado.

Dimensions: trunk is 3 3/4″ wide x 2 3/4″ deep x 2 3/4″ high.
each bottle is 2 1/2″ high