“Toby” Jug Still Bank and Biscuit Tin. Circa 1911


England, Circa 1911 c.

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This is both a still bank and a biscuit tin. It would originally have been sold, filled with biscuits. After all of the cookies would have been consumed, the tin (rather than been thrown away) would have been used as a bank to save money. There is a slot for deposits at the back of the neck at the top (see image). Coins would have been removed by lifting or twisting the snug fitting lid. Toby is nicely hand painted in pleasing colors of green, blue, gold, and white, with realistic flesh tones to the hands and face. The total height is 6 1/2″ while the total width is 6″ (includes handle). Diameter at the base is 5″.

This Toby figured tin was manufactured around 1911 by the biscuit tin company of Hudson Scott located in Carlisle, England.

It is marked at the bottom “Hudson Scott & Sons Ltd. Carlisle, England”

It has crossover appeal into three categories of collectors. It would be a welcome addition to both the still bank collector and the biscuit tin collector, and would be equally sought after by “Toby” collectors.