Tin Type (Hand Tinted) “Portrait of A Young Lady” American, Circa 1860

Hand tinted colored tintype is framed in it’s original wood framed base and an orange velvet covering, with embossed stamped mat. The oval brass mat is typical of the late 1850’s, and has a floral and fruit design to the corners, with geometric pattern to the oval border.
The subject is obviously a young woman of means, as is noted by her fancy clothes and gold jewelry; a necklace around her neck, and gold rings to fingers on both hands (indicating possibly a wedding picture).
Slight red, white, and pink coloration adorn her dress and scarf, while a green bonnet covers her brunette hair.
Coloring was done by isolating an area with stencils and then applying pigment dust through condensation.

The tintype is a 1/9 plate as indicated by the oval dimensions of 2 1/2″ high x 2″ wide. The overall dimensions, with the case, is 4″ high x 3 1/4″ wide x 5/8″ deep.
Excellent condition in original case, and hand coloring make this example a very desirable tintype.

Note: Please note that I also have another tinplate listed depicting a Buffalo Bill Poster on a barn with two young men in a buckboard

American Circa 1860 c.H: 4"W: 3 1/4"D: 5/8"