Tin Penny Toy Bi-Plane Horn. Germany, Circa 1910


Germany, Circa 1910 c.

4 3/4"
3 1/2"
3 1/2"
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Penny Toys were just that; toys made to sell for a penny or very inexpensively. This particular toy was manufactured in Germany (probably Nuremberg) for the American market circa 1910; about the same time bi-planes were introduced in America by the Wright brothers. Penny toys were made for the working class families providing an affordable play item. These miniature toys are highly sought after by toy collectors, because of their having  surprisingly fine detail and scale, in addition to being fairly well made. This toy is made out of tin and is all original, including the paint and the propeller. It is hand painted, with blue to the wings and red to the fuselage. Remnants of gold paint remain on the horn, which is remarkable since the horn was also used as a handle to twirl the plane around in a circle and make a loud noise, created by the ratchet construction (see image). The horn still works, to further the noisiness of this toy! A fun toy.

Dimensions: 3 1/2″ long  x  3 1/4″ wide  x 1 1/2″ high (bi-plane); with horn 4 3/4″ high