“The Hostile Takeover” Oil on Canvas by Robert F. Morgan (1929-2015)


American, 1995 c.

2 1/2"
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Robert F. Morgan was born in Helena, Montana and painted western scenes indigenous to his birthplace and surroundings. He was a realistic painter who tried to capture the Montana that existed in the 1800’s.

His work has traditionally been accepted for exhibition at the C.M. Russel Art Show in Great Falls, Montana. Having died recently at 85 (2015), his work is sure to increase in value.

This is a nice large painting with a 3 1/2″ rustic wood frame and a 2 /1/2″ matte. Total height is 44″; total width is 60″. Actual painting measures 32″ high  x 44″ wide.  Oil on canvas is titled, dated, and signed 1995.

(Title of painting analogous to a certain type of Wall Street activity).