Silver Plated Indian Beaded Coin Purse by “Bostonia Company,” circa 1903

A particularly fine quality rare and difficult to find Native American silver plated beaded coin purse, with an image of an Indian chief. The beading is of an exquisite pink color and detail. I conclude that it is manufactured by “Bostonia” because the patent date embossed on the inside lid of “Dec. 15, ’03” is identical to a similar Native American coin purse I have for sale (see image). We can presume the company was in Boston and therefore American made. The Indians were commissioned to do the bead work and forwarded their handicraft to “Bostonia” to complete the silver plated embossed Indian design.

These purses are very unique. The bead work is similar to that of the tribes in the Great Lakes region in America at the turn of the 19th century.

Condition is excellent and completely original.

Purse measures 2 7/8″ in diameter x 2″ high.

Provenance: George Cross collection. (George Cross died in 2007 and was known for his discerning quest for quality and rarity).

American 1903 c.H: 2"W: 2 7/8"