Santa Claus in A Sleigh Wind up Toy Japan Circa 1953


Japan, Circa 1953 c.

3 1/2"
1 5/8"
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Entitled “Mechanical Santa Claus with Bell”, this charming all tin toy is lithographed in Christmas colors of red, white, green, yellow, and flesh tones. The toy has fabulous action; depicting Santa Claus being drawn by a reindeer, riding around in a circle, very quickly, upon winding up the attached green key on the side of the sleigh. All the while, a bell is ringing which is attached to the back of the sleigh. Manufactured by Elvin in Japan, circa 1953, right after Japanese occupation. the toy includes the original box it was sold in, with a price written in pencil, of what looks like .75 cents.
From the markings on the box we can tell the manufacturer and it’s Japanese origin.
The reindeer is lacking it’s antlers, which were loosely attached and almost always missing. The sleigh and Santa are in excellent all original condition with practically all of it’s paint present; and the toy operates perfectly, and the mechanism underneath is completely sound. The graphics on the box are a delight; condition of the box is good with a couple of small folds inside missing and a couple of creases. All the lithography is present and bright. It is a toy that is sure to please.

Dimensions: 7″ long x 3 1/2″ high x 1 5/8″ wide.