Qing Dynasty “Bodhisattva” 18th Century


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Chinese origin with Buddhist religion affiliation dating from the Qing Dynasty (Circa late 18th century) from the Qianlong Reign; this hand carved Buddha is made from a single piece of wood; still has almost all of its gold leaf gilding and red lacquer extant, and sits proudly with legs crossed in a quiet meditative pose, headdress intact and hands held together on his lap. This figure is sometimes referred to as a “Bodhisattva”; he who is empathetic, caring and loving; someone delaying Nirvana to save those who are suffering.

In excellent all original condition with no restoration (one leaf of headdress lacking); in outstanding patina.

The consecration chamber is in the back where scriptures would have been housed. It is lacking its original door.

Measures 7 1/4″; high x 4″; wide x 3 1/2″t; deep.