“Penny Pineapple” Mechanical Bank Commemorating Hawaiin Statehood American, 1960


American, Circa 1960 c.

5 1/4"
5 1/2"
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Cast Iron mechanical bank manufactured in Littlestown and Deer Park Pennsylvania. Imswiler and Saylor (note embossing on bottom plate) purchased casting rights and manufactured the first 500 examples, and subsequent examples from York, Pennsylvania.

The bank was made following the official date of Hawaii becoming the 50th state in 1960. The bank is in excellent (near mint) condition with only a few minor chips here and there (see images). It is brightly hand painted in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, with a five point star painted in yellow and “50Th” on the front. Embossed on the back is the name of the bank “Penny Pineapple, Hawaii”. The back of Penny Pineapple replicates a pineapple and the green growth atop the head furthers the theme. Pink lips, white teeth, brown eyebrows, and blue eyes completes the decoration. The painting was done by hand in a cottage industry type situation.

The bank works well; put a penny in the hand of “Penny Pineapple” and then press the lever down (in back of left shoulder). the penny will be deposited in his mouth. You can see by the condition of the hand and the mouth that the bank has hardly been used (if at all). Coins are removed by undoing the screw at the bottom of the bank, on the base plate.

Dimensions: 9″ high x 5 1/4″ wide (shoulders) x 5 1/2″ deep.