Pair of Vintage Santa Claus Still Banks. American, Circa 1925 & 1960


American, Circa 1925 c.

6 1/4"
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1) “Santa At The Chimney” still bank was made by the Miller Bank Service Company” located in Chicago, Illinois in 1925. An inscription attesting to it’s genesis is embossed on the underneath (see image).
“Santa At Chimney” still bank is documented in Andy Moore’s “The penny Bank Book” as #104 on page 68. The bank is made of lead, which is soft, leading to a slight bend upward on the Santa side of the base (see image). The bank is sound and solid and in completely all original condition and hand painted in red and white paint. It has a wonderful patina and a nicely detailed casting; in very good condition, especially considering it is a 100 year old lead bank. It still maintains it’s hinged, key lock coin trap at the base. Coins are deposited in the slot provided at the top of the chimney (see images). The applied brass plaque on the front indicates that the bank was made for “The Exchange National Bank” of Tulsa (Oklahoma).

Dimensions: 3 3/4″ high x 4 1/2″ long x 2 3/8″ wide

2) The second bank is “Santa On Roof” still bank, American, circa 1960. It was made by the Banthrico Company in Chicago, Illinois, and given away as a premium, typically for children, for opening up an account. The bank is documented in two publications; listed as #105 in Andy Moore’s “The Penny Bank Book”, and also on page 37, #117 in “Coin Banks by Banthrico” written by James Redwine.

This example was made for “Worchester Federal Savings” in Massachusettes as is printed on the rear of the bank (see image). The bank depicts Santa Claus on the roof top with one leg down the chimney..
The bank is in original condition and painted in the appropriate red and white Santa colors. There is a small 1/4″ hole (casting flaw) to the white metal where the chimney meets the snow on Santa’s right side (see image).
Dimensions: 6 1/4″ high x 4″ wide 3″ deep