Pair of Reindeer Antique Still Banks. American, Circa 1910


American, Circa 1910 c.

9 1/2"
5 1/4"
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These two authentic cast iron antique still banks depict a large reindeer and a smaller one standing nearby. Together, they make a wonderful Christmas or holiday winter display. They are both of American manufacture and were made circa 1910 by the A.C Williams Company of Ravenna, Ohio. This company was known for making a copious amount of animal themed savings banks. These two banks are both all original and hand painted in original gold colored paint and in excellent condition. This is important, especially for the reindeer bank as the antlers are often replaced due to their fragility, and the fact that the antlers became detached when unscrewing the screw to remove the coins—often not successfully put back properly. Both these antlers are original.
Please note that the last four images reflect the smaller reindeer; the larger reindeer is more rare and of greater value, consequently, there are more images of that example.
Both of these banks are referenced in “The Penny Bank Book” by Andy Moore, a noted bank historian. The smaller reindeer is noted as #736; the larger reindeer is referenced as #737.

Dimensions: Large reindeer 9 1/2″ high x 5 1/4″ long x 4″ wide
smaller reindeer 6 1/4″ high x 4 7/8″ long x 2 1/2″ wide
It is Important to note the exact size, since both of these banks have been reproduced and the recasts are incrementally smaller than the originals.

I am a leading specialist in the field of antique still and mechanical coin banks, having been buying, selling, and examining these fine objects for more than 40 years. This experience makes me well qualified to analyze, evaluate, and guarantee the authenticity of original examples.

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