Pacific Northwest Native American Indian Child’s High Top Moccasins Circa 1930


American, Circa 1930's c.

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Olympic peninsula. They lived in a colder climate and were noted for whaling. This accounts for their use of animal fur to keep them warm, which lines the upper ankle section of the moccasin and the sinew shoe lace pom pom ends; probably rabbit fur. These moccasins were not used much, if at all, and judging by their style, they are circa 1930’s. They are made of soft tanned and dyed two toned deerskin. The front top toe section is nicely decorated with multicolored beads of rust, blue, green, and white, designed in three, four clover patterns. (see images). Highly decorated beaded items were often used for ceremonial events.
They are in very good original condition and measure 8″ long x 4″ wide x 7 high.
Purchased in the state of Washington. On the inside of one of the moccasins is handwritten “Wendy From Me Ruth June 1967”; obviously presented as a gift (see image).