“Organ Bank” with Cat and Dog. Circa 1882. American


American, Circa 1882 c.

7 3/4""
6 1/4"
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This American cast iron bank known as “Organ Bank” Cat and Dog, was manufactured by Kyser & Rex Company, Frankford, Pennsylvania in 1882. It conforms exactly to the patent papers and seems to be an upgrade to their earlier patent in 1881 with just a single monkey on top of the platform. The bank is completely original, which is unusual for this bank since the figures are quite vulnerable, as is the crank which can only be turned in one direction and is subject to breakage with rough play. The paint is also original. There is no touch up or restoration of any kind, the bank is in excellent condition.

It operates as follows: with the tray of the monkey level, place a coin on it; turn the crank clockwise. Continue to turn the crank; the monkey drops the tray depositing the coin into the slot provided on top of the platform while the cat and dog dance around to the “music” created by an internal bell which rings constantly. All the while the monkey tips his hat back and forth in appreciation for the deposit. A key lock trap at the bottom releases the saved coins.  Patent date “1882” appears on the back of the bank (see images).

Dimensions: 7 3/4″ high  x  6 1/4″ wide (with the crank) 5 1/4″ wide (at the base)  x 4″ deep.

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