“Native Boy Riding A Turtle” Wind-Up Toy; by J. Chein, Circa 1930’s

By J. Chein, circa 1930, this tin lithographed and hand painted American tin wind-up toy is all original and in working order. There are a few scratches here and there (from normal play and use); but for a nearly 100 year old toy, it is in very good and all original paint with no touch up or restoration. The turtle is painted in colors of yellow (predominantly) with a turquoise border and red dots, and an orange neck; while the native boy is dressed in yellow.
The action of the toy portrays a boy riding a turtle; and upon winding up the attached clockwork key and releasing on the floor, the turtle with boy rider, ride away! The turtle moves his head up and down while the native boy rocks up and down, as the turtle moves across the floor (see attached 12 second video of operation). Works well (unique for this toy) but occasionally “sticks”.
Of American manufacturer (marked on the left of center of the shell of the turtle), the J. Chein Company was in Harrison, New Jersey, and one of the premier toy makers of the 1930’s.

Dimensions: 8″ long x 4 1/2″ wide x 4″ high

Note: After 40 plus years of dealing and collecting toys, I am justly qualified to guarantee and present the authenticity of antique and vintage toys.

American Circa 1930's c.H: 4""W: 4 1/2""D: 8"