Mort Kunstler (b. 1927) “Morning Mist” (1981) Oil on Canvas

Painted in 1981, this iconic image of a trapper riding through a pond in the early morning hours of a Pacific Northwest setting is featured, and is the frontispiece for Dee Brown’s book “Images of The Old West” (see images). It also appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post Jan/Feb 2017 (see image), along with an article about the author who at 93 years of age is still active. A copy of that magazine autographed by the author is included with the sale of the painting.

Mort Kunstler is best known for his realistic depictions of western scenes, and is a foremost historical artist who accurately reflects the events of American western history by utilizing both his far reaching talent and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mort Kunstler  made a study of Norman Rockwell early in his career and likens himself to him in many ways, especially in the creation of a character and in the depiction of hands.  Martin Mahoney museum curator director, recently curated a showing of his work at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

In the book referenced above, a collection of Kunster’s paintings are uniquely intertwined with dialogue and historical recounting by Dee Brown of events that occurred in American history during the 1800’s; especially as relates to cowboys and Indians. The hardcover pictorial narrative consisting of 96 high quality images of Kunstler paintings and 190 pages overall, is a novel approach to reliving and understanding the old west. Dee Brown is the leading historian of that genre who also wrote “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”.
A copy of the hardcover book is included with the painting.

The oil on canvas (signed lower right) is 30″ x 40″; and 37 3/4″ x 47 5’8″ in it’s handsome wood frame.

Provenance: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Morse


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American 1981 c.H: 30"W: 40"D: 2"