“Moon Face” Pewter Top Maple Walking Stick. American, Circa 1880

Very unique and probably one of a kind cane that provides for a very special display to the collector, and utility for one who uses a walking stick and wants something different. Hand made by the artist, the hammered and shaped pewter handle is in the shape and theme of the proverbial “moon face” with excellent detail to the facial characteristics and, what appears to be, a hand “hammered” bumble bee to the top of his head. Historically and in folklore the bumble bee has been linked to the moon face. A 3/8″ silver plated ribbon band is just below the pewter head at the top of the cane, while the rest of the tapered maple wood stick ends in a fitted 1 1/4″ band at the tip.
There are no markings, but my guess is that the cane was made in America where there are a plethora of maple trees, and the moon face was a popular American design during the late 19th century.. All in all, a wonderful article of 19th century Americana folk art.
The cane is in very good and all original sturdy condition, and very serviceable as a walking stick.

31″ long x 2″ diameter of pewter head x 1″ diameter at the top of the stick maple top

American Circa 1880 c.H: 31"W: 2"D: 2"