Model Canoe by Native North American Indians. Circa 1930

Displayed on a custom made metal stand designed especially for this boat, this is a typical model dugout canoe carved by the Nootka or Makah Indian tribe of the Pacific Northwest Coastal region of Vancouver Island or the lower mainland of British Columbia. The Indian tribes are very closely related both in proximity and style. This particular example is carved from a highly grained wood, possibly oak or elm ,and was probably made as a tourist item for those traveling to the region circa 1930. The flat, stepped stern along with the “canine like” head of the bow are characteristic designs of these two tribes. This is the distinctive figure or marker of all Nootka/Makah dugouts; probably a tribute to the wolf, along with the little throat ‘bump’. A hand painted tomahawk design appears on each side of the bow. A seat has been carved from a separate piece and inserted into holes carved into each side. Condition is very good and in original condition.
The dimensions are as follows: 24 1/2″ long x 5 3/4″ wide x 4 3/4″ high

Sought after by collectors of Folk Art, nautical, canoes, and Native American Indian collectors; this is a quintessential cross over collectible.

Provenance: My own personal collection of Folk Art and Native American Indian.


American/Canadian Circa 1930 c.H: 4 3/4"W: 5 3/4"D: 24 1/2"