Model Canoe by Native North American Indians. Circa 1900

Fine quality circa 1900 carved and hand painted canoe, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest Indians and attributed to the Nootka (Nuu Chah Nulth) or Makah tribe, who were known for this type of design, with the flat stern top and “canine like” style bow. The wood is either cedar or aspen which grows readily on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of British Columbia, where these Indian tribes were known to inhabit. The red and yellow design is nicely applied to both sides of the bow and stern, and the interior base is painted in red to two sections. The wood and paint has aged to a wonderful patina, highlighting the excellent proportions of the canoe to a lifelike full size example. It is well crafted and is in excellent all original condition. Canoes such as these were made around the turn of the century to appeal and sell to travelers and tourists who visited the area; along with colorful totem poles, bowls, and masks.
Sought after by collectors of folk art, nautical, canoes, and Native American Indian collectors; this is a quintessential cross over collectible.

Dimensions: 14″ long x 3 3/8″ wide x 2 7/8″ high

Note: I have two other boats of this type for sale; though not necessarily crafted from the same hand, they are from the same region and Indian tribes. This smaller one exhibits similar detail and workmanship as the larger 30″ example I have for sale. It is also of a similar date, albeit ,possibly a few years later in light of the colorful hand painted design.

This particular example is from my own personal collection.

American/Canadian Circa 1900 c.H: 2 7/8"W: 3 3/8"D: 14"