Mechanical Bank “Saluting Sailor” Circa 1920’s


Germany, 1920 c.

6 3/4"
4 1/8"
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This mechanical bank “Saluting Sailor” was manufactured in the 1920’s by Saalheimer & Strauss Company in Germany. It is in excellent all original condition and brightly hand painted in colors of red, white, blue, yellow, and grey. There is an ever so slight crease to the left on dial.

The bank operates as follows;
Press down on the lever in front just beneath the steering wheel.
The sailor raises his right arm and lowers his left arm revealing a slot on the right side of the bank where the sailor’s left arm was, inviting the deposit of a coin (see image). Release the lever, and the arms return to their original position (see image).
Coins are removed via the original key lock trap.

The bank measures:

6 3/4″ high

4 7/8″ wide

2″ deep

I am a leading specialist in the field of antique mechanical coin banks, having been buying, selling, and examining these fine objects for 40 years. This experience makes me well qualified to analyze, evaluate, and guarantee the authenticity of original examples.

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