Mechanical Bank “Royal Trick Elephant” (With Verse) Circa 1912


Germany, 1912 c.

4 3/4"
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This mechanical bank is of German manufacture in 1912 and is in excellent all original condition. The paint is 98% complete and original with no touch-up paint, and in the upper echelon category for this bank.  It is made of tin, with lithograph and hand paint applied. It measures 7″ long from tail to trunk and 4 3/4″ high.

The bank came with a verse on both sides, and without verse on both sides. This is obviously the more desirable version with the verse; it says, “put a coin in the slot, then you’ll see something funny press my tail hard and I’ll swallow the money”.

Other markings include “Royal Trick Elephant” thus the name of the bank; “Made in Germany” and “Place Coin Here”, with an arrow indicating where to put the coin.

The bank operates as stated in the quote along side of the bank. The operation goes against gravity and is quite fascinating. The penny rests on the coin receptacle;  upon pressing down on the tail, the coin is thrust into the mouth of the elephant.

I am a leading specialist in the field of antique mechanical coin banks, having been buying, selling, and examining these fine objects for 40 years. This experience makes me well qualified to analyze, evaluate, and guarantee the authenticity of original examples.

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