Mechanical Bank “Fishing Bears” Battery Operated Toy/Bank With Original Box, Circa 1950’s

This is a later (1950’s), albeit often overlooked and important mechanical bank that is quite rare, and highly sought after by collectors. Iconic bank collector F.H. Griffith wrote an article in November 1978 describing the bank and it’s significance (copy upon request). It is considered by collectors to be the number one battery operated bank and is very hard to find, especially in all original condition and with the four original fish, AND with the brightly colored, animated and highly lithographed original box!. It is all tin and also has the original tin coin trap.

It operates as follows:
Place a penny in the slot in front of bank; it stays there until the action is over; the “poppa” bear raises his fishing pole with a fish attached to the end of the line and rotates it over to the baby bear’s pail. The “Momma” bear raises her pail up and down while the baby bear claps his hand. This goes on for four times. At the conclusion of the action, the penny automatically drops into the bank (Please see the 40 second video of the action which I can forward upon request).

Nicely lithographed all around with bright and crisp colors (see images), this amazing bank was made in Japan in the early 1950’s by the “Wonderful Toy Company” (see image for logo “mark” on rear panel). It measures 71/8″ square x 7″ high. The box measures 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 7″.

The condition of this bank/toy is near mint and completely original with absolutely no repairs, no restoration, and no repaint or touch-up of any kind!
There is an ever so slight “separation” at the front left corner (see images), but it is hardly noticeable, and was probably like that from the manufacturer.

Provenance: This bank is from my own collection and I have owned it for over 40 years having acquired it from the estate of the renowned 1930’s to 1960’s toy and mechanical bank collection of Ferdinand Weider of California.

I am a leading specialist in the field of mechanical coin banks, having been buying, selling, and examining these fine objects for 40 years. This experience makes me well qualified to analyze, evaluate, and guarantee the authenticity of original examples.

*Note: Please see and inquire about other mechanical banks I have listed for sale.

Japan Circa 1950's c.H: 7"W: 7 1/2"D: 7 1/2"