Luxury Victorian French Lorgnette Opera Glasses Marked “Iris, Paris”, Circa 1885

Absolutely exquisite pair of operable mother of pearl high quality luxury, top of the line, French Lorgnette Opera Glasses; with fancy mother of pearl handle and brass extender with gilt metal mounts. Premium mother of pearl, and only the most glowing pearlescent shells of abalone or oyster, particularly strong in color, were used in the making of these Victorian binoculars; marked “Iris, Paris” on the front of each eye piece. This French company was one of the premium maker of optical luxury items in the late 19th century and later; and mother of pearl embellishment was the finish design choice of the upper echelon of society. Rarely found with the brass telescopic extender, the handle (in addition to rotating back and forth) extends an extra three inches from 5″ total to 8″ for greater ease in comfort and viewing (see images).
These opera glasses were treated as an item much like jewelry with fancy accoutrements like a mother of pearl application made for the aristocracy.
The condition is excellent; the glasses and lenses are clean and functional; focusing knob is operable; the mother of pearl is beautifully applied to the surface. Comes with the original carrying paisley pouch.

I have had a few of these over the years; this pair is particularly strong and larger in size than I’ve had; most are 2″ or so on the “depth”—–these are 3 1/8″.
The rear lens is 1 5/8″ versus the typical 1″ to 1 3/8″.

9 1/4″ high (hand held arm handle fully extended); rotates)
4 1/4″ wide
3 1/8″ deep



France Circa 1885 c.H: 8 1/4"W: 4 1/4"D: 3 1/8"