“Lincoln Bank” Still Toy Savings Bank, American Circa 1950

This seldom seen bank is technically a mechanical bank but basically it is a still bank with a slight mechanical function, that being; once it is full of coins, it opens up automatically; much like a “Lighthouse Bank” which is catalogued as a mechanical bank. It was designed and manufactured by Leon Cameto, a pioneer collector of mechanical banks during the 1940’s and 1950’s, who put together one of the best and most extensive collections of mechanical banks in his era. Located in Oakland, California, he also was a foundry owner and was acutely interested with the ins and outs of banks. This was his creation and I purchased it directly from his estate in 1984. A marking label appears on the underside of the bank attached to the log, which includes the name of the bank “Lincoln Bank”.

It is practically mint; in the box, and purchased by me in an unopened box. I only just recently opened it up. There is some paper loss to one side of the lithographed end of the log (see image). The bank simulates a large log resting on a makeshift stand of smaller branches with a log woodcutting saw in place and an axe resting on top serving as the coin slot. The bank is hand painted with oil paint in realistic earth tones of green beige and brown with a silver saw and an orange axe handle. The particulars of the bank are stated on the box attesting to it’s genesis. This is a welcome addition to a collection of banks; the original box makes it all the more appealing.

Dimensions: 8 1/4″ long x 4″ wide x 7″ high

Note: After 40 plus years of dealing and collecting toys, I am justly qualified to guarantee and present the authenticity of antique and vintage toys and banks; important considering the fakes and reproductions in the marketplace

American Circa 1950 c.H: 7"W: 4"D: 8 1/4"