Lehman “Tut-Tut” Clockwork Car with Driver. German. Patented 1903


Germany, 1903 c.

6 1/2"
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All original condition, this popular tin plate child’s toy from the early 1900’s, when wound up will move forward across the floor in erratic fashion, going back and forth, with “Tut-Tut” (the driver) blowing his horn in an effort to get everyone to move out of his way. The sound of a horn blowing (albeit faint) is created by a bellows underneath the chassis (see image). The toy is brightly painted and lithographed in predominantly red and white, with a dark grey hat and a silver horn.

“Tut-Tut” was manufactured by E.P. Lehman Co. in Brandenburg, Germany and patented in 1903 (markings on the toy along with Lehman logo; see images). The toy was advertised until 1911 where it is seen in jobber catalogues.

The genesis of the clever and amusing action goes to the fact that Lehman disliked the invention of the automobile, finding it an intrusion to a more simple form of travel via horse drawn vehicles. he therefore depicted “Tut-Tut” as an arrogant, overweight capitalist driving recklessly, honking his horn to get slower moving vehicles and pedestrians out of his way.

The condition is all original and in excellent condition with no repairs and no touch up or repaint. There is an ever so slight dent to the front engine cover as a result of normal use and play.

The toy is 7″ long x 4″ wide x 6 1/2″ high.