Lehman Auto “Ito” Sedan. Germany, Circa 1913

This hand painted German tin toy was manufactured by the “Lehman Toy Company” in Brandenburg, Germany beginning in 1913. It was made for a number of years after that, enjoying about a 20 year run. Entitled “Ito” it operates by winding up the attached key wind mechanism, placing it on the floor, and watching it go. The car is in very good all original condition with no repairs and no repaint. It runs well. There are a number of markings on the car including “Lehman” with the corresponding logo and the number 679 on the rear. The side of the has the patent information “Pat’d 12 May 1903; 13 Sept. 1904; and U.S.A.  2 Dec. 1913”.

Hand painted nicely in red and black with black and gold trim; the hand painted driver is in blue with flesh tones to the face.

Dimensions: 7″ long  x 3″ wide  x 3 1/2″ high.

Note: After 40 plus years of dealing and collecting toys, I am justly qualified to guarantee and present the authenticity of antique and vintage toys and; important considering the fakes and reproductions in the marketplace

Germany Circa 1913 c.H: 3 1/2"W: 3"D: 7"