Late 19th Century Flour Sifter; American (Unique Oversized 30″ Diameter)


American, Circa 1890 c.

29 1/2"
29 1/2"
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For the creative interior decorator, this is not your “run of the mill” flour sifter, but rather a well made, sturdy, forged iron bound, oversized example, suitable for decorating in most country kitchen settings. I sold one similar a year ago and the designer used it as a ceiling light fixture cover. It can be used as a table top with a glass cover, or simply hang it on the wall in the kitchen, as would have been the case in the late 1800’s where it would have been used for sifting flour. The sifter is made of a hard, thick bentwood (3/8″ going to 5/8″ at the overlap), A sturdy piece of “continuous” pierced tin covers the frame, and overlaps to the sides where it is bound with a piece of forged iron; circumventing the perimeter. There are no punctures or breaks to the tin. The sifter is nearly 30″ in diameter with a 4″ deep frame, so there are probably multiple uses; I came up with a ceiling or side wall light fixture cover, as the meshed body will reveal a nice subtle light, especially with multiple bulbs. This circa 1890 flour sifter is American; in excellent condition, sound and still very usable; unique in size, and there are no breaks to the tin. This is a wonderful piece of Americana folk art.

Dimensions: 29 3/4″ diameter x 4″ deep frame