Jackie Robinson Ensemble: Topps #10 1954 Baseball Card and Still Bank Circa 1954


American, 1954 c.

3 1/2"
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This ensemble of two Jackie Robinson vintage collectibles. both from 1954 consists of the following:

1) Baseball Card by The Topps Baseball Card Company #10 1954.
The card is in very good condition with no creases or bend—very sound. The colors are clear and sharp (images accurately depict colors). The image is centered very well. This card always “ran” to the top. Edges are sharp except for a lower left hand corner crease (see image); corners are square but not pointedly sharp. All in all, a very nice example. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to cross the color barrier, breaking in with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the late 1940’s. The front of the card is an image of Jackie Robinson in color, with an additional smaller black and white image of him in action in the lower right. As was typical of Topps cards, the back of the card has a brief biography of Jackie Robinson along with details of his seasonal and lifetime statistics and accomplishments; very legible (see image).
Card is 3 3/4″ x 2 5/8″. The Topps Baseball Card Company started making baseball cards in 1938 in Brooklyn New York and included a stick of bubble gum with five major league baseball cards.

2) Jackie Robinson Still Bank – Circa 1950’s commemorative bank depicts Jackie Robinson in his Brooklyn Dodger major league uniform with iconic retired number “42” on the back of the jersey below the coin slot and above crossed baseball bats; “B”on the front of his cap; simulated Jackie Robinson signature at front bottom base; and accurate looking facial figures complete the bronze colored metal casting. A piece of felt covers the base where a coin trap is lacking to remove coins. The bank is in near mint and original condition.
Dimensions: 6″ high x 5″ wide x 3 1/2” deep.

This is a wonderful combination and cross collectible; having appeal to both the baseball card collector and sports enthusiast, in addition to the bank collector.