“Hinkel’s Lager Beer” Tin Advertising Tray Albany, New York Circa 1902

This is a very “early” Pre-Prohibition round advertising beer tray (circa 1902) promoting “Hinkel’s Lager Beer”. The beer tray promotes “Hinkel’s” as being “Pure Malt Beer” which is clearly stated in bold letters on the top circumference frame. The location of the company “Albany, N.Y.” is clearly marked in capital letters in the bottom circumference framing. The entire tray base is decorated with multiple natural colors in, what is presumably, a typical mountain scene indigenous to the Adirondacks. A beautiful large elk dominates the foreground, while mountains, a lake, and native brush fill out the background. Gold and red colors dominate the circular border. The back is charcoal. The condition of the tray is excellent with no restoration and no touch up to the lithography.
Advertising beer trays such as this would have been used in bars and saloons by servers to carry drinks, hopefully Hinkel’s beer!

The manufacturer of this tray was “Mayer & Lavenson Co. N.Y.” which is noted in very small print on the tray at the bottom under “Lager Beer” (see image). I have never seen this tray before, and I would think that it is very scarce, as a search of both the brewery and the lithographer reveals very little. They both must have been in business for a short period of time.

Dimensions: 11 3/4″ diameter x 1/2″ high

Note: A metal magnetic rectangular bar especially made for beer trays to make hanging for display easy, is included with the purchase.

Provenance: I guarantee the authenticity of this tray. It is from my own personal collection of Saloon and Americana memorabilia; acquired 1998

American Circa 1902 c.H: 1/2""W: 11 3/4""D: 11 3/4""