Goat Drawn Lady Driver American Toy by Harris Toy Company, circa 1903

Cast iron turn of the century American toy, this rare and hard to find version with a double goat drawn buckboard and lady driver, was manufactured by the Harris Toy Company, Toledo, Ohio, circa 1903. It appears in a catalogue on that date but could very well have been manufactured earlier. This toy is especially hard to find complete and in this excellent pristine all original condition, with no repairs and no repaint and the original removable lady figure. The Harris Toy Company founded in 1838, was well respected for their fine detailed castings and excellent workmanship, which is why toys from this company are sought after by collectors worldwide. The cart and carriage are painted blue, while the chassis and wheels are painted “goldish”; the lady figure has a blue jacket, a blue hat, and yellow dress, while the goats are painted a cream colored white with black reins and a small red blanket.

Dimensions: 14″ long x 5 3/4″ height x 4 1/4″ width.

Provenance: From the 1940s and 1950s renowned toy collector Ferdinand Weider, Berkley, California; and then my personal collection in 1988.

American Circa 1903 c.H: 5 3/4"W: 4 1/4"D: 14"