Equestrian Circus Poster by Ringling Bros Ca. 1971 Featuring “Miss Helen Girard”

There is a lot going on in this equestrian themed, bright and colorful circus poster portraying famous early 20th century circus performer “Miss Helen Girard”. She is in a horse drawn cart in one image, while two men ride horses in two other images, and Helen Girard in full portrait is featured on the left. Her claim to fame is stated at the bottom “Empress of the Equestrian World” and “Side Saddle Queen”. This is a reissued poster by Ringling Brothers from 1971 of one of their original, very early, 1903 promotional circus posters.

To commemorate their 100th anniversary, in 1971, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, produced reissues of some of their select and most famous authentic posters dating from 1883 until the 1930’s. There were 30 different posters, and they were advertised as “The only antique posters authorized by the greatest show on earth”. They were sold at traveling circus shows, and measured roughly 17″ x 24″. They were all identified by a number preceded by the letter “P”. The numbers ranged from #103 thru #202. These are not cheap “Amazon print outs”, but rather 50 plus year old items, as I have described.

I was able to acquire four of these posters from a prominent “circus collection”. This one is entitled “Helen Girard”, and is labeled “P-157″, as indicated in the lower right hand margin just below the frame, and described in the first paragraph. It is very colorful in red, yellow, muted green, and white. It is all original with no repairs, no touch-up; and professionally mounted under glass, in a contemporary black, metal frame, with preservative backing; and ready to hang hardware on the rear. In lovely condition, this poster is suitable for any type of decorative placement.

(with frame) 17″ high x 24 1/2″ wide x 1″ deep
actual poster= 16 1/2″ x 24”

Please see the other three posters I have listed.


American Circa 1971 c.H: 17"W: 24 1/2"D: 1"