Elvis Presley Commemorative Mechanical Bank “Cleveland Rock and Roll” circa 2006

Made to commemorate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland, Ohio, this cast aluminum mechanical bank depicts Elvis Presley in full gala attire, typical of Elvis, with white suit, microphone in hand, and guitar fronting his rock and roll stance. To operate, gently place a coin in the slot provided above the guitar, press in on the lever on the right. Elvis strides to his left causing the coin to drop into the bank. Coins are removed by undoing the screw underneath the bank below. The bank is in mint and brand new condition, therefore, I have not placed or deposited a coin in case the next user wants the bank in unused condition and does not want to turn the screw underneath to remove the coins.
Chocolate brown base with a black 45 rpm disc behind and red label completes the coloring and original paint. Markings include “Reynolds Toys” (American manufacturer, Falls Church, Virginia) indicating manufacturer and 2006 date of issue. Underneath shows number “38” of a limited edition of 50.

Dimensions: 6 3/4″ wide x 7 3/4″ high x 4 1/16″ deep.

American 2006 c.H: 7 3/4"W: 6 3/4"D: 4 1/16"