Elk, Nature Scene Cast Iron Plaque by Bradley Hubbard Co. Circa 1880


American, Circa 1880 c.

12 3/4"
9 1/4"
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The Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company was established in 1852 in Meriden, Connecticut and became synonymous with the production of fine quality items ranging from clocks and desk accessories, to art brass and iron tables. Many of their items are on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

The elk plaque is made of cast iron, in high relief, and hand painted in dominant colors of green and brown. The subject matter portrays a large elk in the foreground with two younger elk in the background, immersed in a forest thicket of trees and brush.

The plaque is in excellent all original condition with 95+% of it’s original paint intact. There are a few spots of discoloration here and there which do not detract from the overall composition. The 5/8″ brass plated cast iron frame is decorated in a floral “S” scroll pattern which is complete and original. The frame is cast separate from the plaque. On the back of the frame is marked “2196” which coincides with the markings on the back of the plaque, also “2196” and in addition “B & H” in a circle logo is embossed. The markings attest to it’s origin and authenticity. The original metal chain is still attached to the cast iron loops on the frame for hanging. This has been in my collection for twenty years and is truly, a unique piece of quality Americana.

Dimensions: 12 3/4″ high  x 9 1/4″ wide.