Electric Train Set by Louis Marx & Co. American, Circa 1950


American, Circa 1950 c.

3 1/2"
2 1/8"
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Copious markings note that this train set, in its original packing and shipping box, was made by “Louis Marx & Company, 200 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N.Y. United States”. Also noted on the box is the “Marline” series and the Marx logo, along with all relevant patent information. As stated on the side of the box, it is Model #8995, indicating circa 1950. This train set is complete and includes; Locomotive and tender, coal car, caboose, oil tanker, and freight car; along with the original transformer and enough track to display the set nicely (10 straight track, and one curved). It is all compartmentalized and securely stored in the original box.

While it probably is operational, I have not tested or run the set as these train sets are typically collected for display purposes these days. Of American manufacture and of circa 1950 vintage, the condition is very good except for one side of the tender (behind the locomotive) has quite a bit of wear; just on the one side (see image). The opposite side is fine, as are all of the other cars, while the locomotive is excellent.

When laid out on the track the length of the train set with all of the cars connected is 39″; makes a great display item of mid century Americana.

locomotive = 9″ long x 2 1/8″ wide x 3 1/2″ high
tender= 6″ long
freight car= 5 1/2″ long
coal car= 6″ long
oil tanker= 6″ long
caboose= 5 1/2″ long
transformer= 50 watts alternating current
box is 17 1/2″ wide x 11 1/2″ deep x 3 1/2″ high.