Doorstop “Golfer” by Hubley, circa 1920


American, 1920's c.

7 1/8"
2 1/8"
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This doorstop, also known as “Overhead Swinging Golfer,” is more difficult to find than it’s “Putting Golfer” counterpart doorstop; which is also made by Hubley.

Manufactured by the Hubley Manufacturing Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1920, this cast iron doorstop is in outstanding all original bright paint with no touch up or restoration of any kind, and in wonderful patina. It depicts an older, grey haired man, with typical knicker golf garb, taking a wild swing at a golf ball resting on the grass. It has a semi “hollow” rear with a “238” factory marking, indicating that it is, in fact, by Hubley and original.

It is noted in Jeanne Bertoia’s 1985 book on doorstops page 60; and referenced on page 211 of the Smith book on doorstops.

A must for the doorstop or golfing memorabilia collector.

Dimensions: 10″ high x 7 1/8″ wide x 2 1/8″ deep.