Dog Doorstop “Setter” By Hubley, Circa 1930


American, Circa 1930 c.

8 3/4"
15 7/8"
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This full bodied cast iron doorstop depicts a “Setter” in action and in full stride. It is hand painted in black and white, and the casting shows a realistic detailed depiction of the dog’s fur and it’s lifelike facial features. Very well made and of fine quality, this doorstop was made by the Hubley manufacturing Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, circa 1930. Since these doorstops were actually used, this particular doorstop was more than adequate to keep a door open because of it’s size and weight. It is referenced on page 87 of “Doorstops” by Jeanne Bertoia published in 1989. Considering the abuse doorstops were subject to, this example is in very good condition and paint with no cracks or repairs.

It is quite heavy and substantial measuring 15 7/8 long x 8 3/4″ high x 4″ wide