“Clown Playing Violin” Toy Japanese Wind-Up. Circa 1950’s


Japan, Circa 1956 c.

3 1/4"
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Japanese wind-up toy known and marketed as “Happy The Violinist” marked with the logo “TPS” for Tokyo Plaything Shokai. The logo is further identified by three fingers across from their initials (see image on the violin). The company was actively producing toys for the American market in the 1950’s; this example is from 1956.

The clown is in all original excellent condition with no restorations, or touch up, and he works very well. He has very long legs and is dressed in red and white striped pants in cloth with a grey velvet vest and tin black shoes. His face, hands, violin and bow are also colorfully lithographed in tin. The clown’s face has red lips, an orange nose and a green beanie on top of his head. The maker’s mark is on the violin.

To operate: wind up the attached key wind in back of the clown; place him on a flat surface. He rocks back and forth left to right while moving his bow across the violin several times. He is a little “tipsy” so you might put one finger on his shoe to hold him steady, but he can stand and play by himself. A really cool toy and something different; makes a really nice addition to a quality collection of toys.
Measurements: 9″ high x 2″ wide x 3 1/4″ deep