“Cat Boat” Mechanical Toy Penny Bank. American, Circa 1968

In near mint and all original condition this vintage mechanical bank appeals to both sailing enthusiasts and bank collectors; perhaps a collector of “cat” memorabelia as well. The theme depicts two sailors riding their boat in full sail. It is quite substantial in both size and weight. To operate, (with the lever pushed all the way in from the left); place a coin vertically above the left arm of the sailor in red; from the right; push the lever all the way in. The sail and boom hits the sailor, knocking him over as the coin drops into the bank. The other sailor moves forward while manning the tiller.

The bank is named “Cat Boat” after the life preserver hanging on the side of the boat and in recognition of the smiling cat image on the face of the sail. The cast iron waves (base) and the aluminum boat, with a tin sail, is painted in original bright colors of red, yellow blue, grey and white and is almost 100% intact. The trap underneath for removing the coins is original.

The bank was manufactured by the Utexiqual Products Company in Moorestown, News Jersey, Circa 1968.

Dimensions: 11″ long x 5 1/2″ wide x 12 5/8″ high

American Circa 1968 c.H: 12 5/8""W: 5 1/2""D: 11"