Cape Cod Windmill Doorstop. American, Circa 1920’s

Cast iron doorstop depicts a windmill that perhaps exists in Cape Cod, with detailed casting of offset blades to the windmill itself, bricks to the facing of the housing structure, and steps leading up to both doorways. Manufactured by “The National Foundry Company” of Whitman, Massachusetts (founded 1880’s); the doorstop can be found in a 1920’s catalogue (see image). It is also illustrated on page 165 in “Doorstops” by Jeanne Bertoia written in 1989. Paint variations exist for this doorstop because many of the doorstops manufactured by The National Foundry Company were sold unpainted with instructions for the homeowner to paint it themselves.
This doorstop is in excellent all original condition and paint. Grey highlights to the white and red housing structure, and maroon steps and a green base make up the color combination.
Dimensions: 6 7/8″ high x 6 3/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep

American Circa 1920's c.H: 6 7/8"W: 6 3/4"D: 2 1/2"